Review: Throwaway

GoodReads Description:

When society deemed Jessie a throwaway, she didn’t let it stop her from finding the sunshine in her world… But that world is threatened when she finds herself undeniably drawn to the mischievous glint in the eyes of a man unlike any she’s ever met before. What starts as a simple crush will lead them both on a journey they could never have anticipated. From a vibrant St. Louis neighborhood known as Cherokee Street to a cave in the Ozark Mountains with a 120-year-old mystery to hide, Jessie fights organized crime, corruption and her own fears to reclaim her life and leave her mark on this world.

My Review:

This is the first book I’m reviewing on my blog that doesn’t have any supernatural people or a type of supernatural world in it. It’s about a prostitute, her life, and how she tries to get out of that world. Jessie, the main character has been in that type of business for fourteen years. In fact, it’s the only one she has ever known. The book talks about her past and how as a child she was thrown into the system and then “thrown away” when she hit 18 and forced to take of herself. Hence, Throwaway. The author, Huffman is good writer. The story, in 3rd person, allows you to experience not only what Jessie is going through but also the people involved in her life.

The story of Jessie, moves on rather quickly. In fact, I felt like this book really had what could of been 2 books. Jessie is a hooker, has a pimp, meets a cop, falls in love, try’s to find a way out. That would of been book one for me. That’s just halfway through! So unfortunately, the last half of the book felt rushed. The author was trying to give you all the information you needed to wrap up the story and leave no loose ends as this book isn’t in a series. Despite the rushed ending, it had great emotion. I teared up several times, and laughed a lot! The moral of the story is that happiness can be found even under the worst circumstances. I gave this book four stars because of its overall message and grammatically there is no errors that I noticed. Good chic lit book!

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