Review Policies

We will be using the 5 star system when reviewing books! Below explains what we mean when giving out the rating to each particular book.

  • 5 Stars – Means we LOVED the book! Its definitely up on our favorites shelf and will be a recommended read. Everything about this book is great and we want to read it again! So this rating will be given out with much thought and not lightly!

  • 4 Stars – Means the book was GREAT! But… we have some reservations about giving it a perfect 5 for one reason or another. Usually this reason/reasons will be listed in the review. Still will be recommended.

  • 3 Stars – Means we LIKED the book! But… most likely this book needs some work in more than one area. Most likely a forgettable book and will only be recommended if its a guilty pleasure genre and has a soft spot in out hearts!! (LOL)

  • 2 Stars – Means we did NOT like the book! But… we were able to get through it, so it had some qualities worth not giving it a one star rating. It kept us just interested enough to want to review it. Wont be a recommended read.

  • 1 Star – Means we LOATHED this book. Nothing about this book was interesting and all aspects of the book were terrible. Wouldn’t recommend this book to our worst enemy.

  • 0 Stars – This book is the scum of the earth and we couldn’t bring ourselves to finish this book. This will be a rarity.

    If you would like for us to review your book or have a suggestion on a book to review please contact us

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