Movie Vs. Book- The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Directed By: Gary Ross

Movie Length: 2 Hours 24 Mins

I am super impressed with this movie! I really anticipated it and was very happy that flixter certified it fresh at 87% just three days after its release.  Im not going to get into detail about what this movie is about because you can read my review on the book HERE. I give deets about what the book is about there. The movie stuck very closely to the book. I could literally tell what was about to happen next. I didn’t mind that, because what was even better, was the fact that the director left out unnecessary details that the book provides, but nothing too detrimental to the story line. Jennifer Lawrence embodied Katniss perfectly. She kept Katniss strong, and intelligent, and full of spirit. Josh Hutcherson portrayed Peeta pretty well. He brought out the good characteristics in Peeta and Ross,the director, didn’t emphasize to much on his flaws. Atleast not in this movie. I’ve read an article that some fans are going stir crazy over the fact that Rue and her counter tribute are african american.This didn’t bother me at all, but I also didn’t imagine them as such. Suzanne Collins played a big roll in casting the movie, therefore, this was her vision of the characters all along. Every single tribute played their part well and everyone was casted to the tee. I also enjoyed getting to see the other side of the games. The book follows Katniss very closely and never do you really know what’s going on with the other characters who are not in the area. I won’t give away spoilers, so you just gotta go watch it to see what I’m talking about! (as I’m sure most of you already have). Here’s my one and only downside to the movie, the shooting style of the movie made me dizzy more than a few times. Sometimes I felt it wasn’t even necessary to have the camera moving in some scenes. But if lots of camera movement doesn’t bother you, your in for a great 2 hours and 24 mins of your life! Over all, I still choose book over movie. The book Gives more detail, and also offers less of the PG-13 rating (more gore). Either way, you MUST read or see The Hunger Games!

                         Happy Hunger Games & May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.   ;o)


Movie Vs Book

One for the Money
Directed By: Julie Anne Robinson
PG-13 1Hour 46Mins

Movie Rating: 

 DeeDee and I saw this movie today. I have to say, I’m thankful that I went into this movie theatre with very low expactations. After reading the reviews on Flixter that ultimately gave the movie a 3% rating on, how could I expect anything great?! The moment I read that “they” were making a One For the Money movie I was so excited, hoping that the cast would be perfect. That “they” would pick an actress who could support both Stephanie Plums strengths and weaknesses. I think that should have played a huge role in picking the actress. Well, “they” (whoever they are) went in the opposite direction and chose to go with the popular actress route instead. Kathrine Heigl is very cookie cutter. You could literally pick her up and drop her into several different chick flicks and she would be playing the same person in all of them, only this time they gave her a terrible jersey accent. Not only do I despise Kathrine Heigl for that reason, they rushed the movie along to try and get all the key points in. It didn’t get into much character development. Several other no-name actors are in the movie for comedic relief (which I was thankful for because Katherine Heigl wasn’t going to carry this movie along if you beat her with a stick!).  Lola, my favorite character in the book was rushed over as well. Gave her a few funny lines here and there but when it came down to the nitty gritty stuff about Lola, they skip right over that too. Overall, this movie was a flop. I DEFINITELY choose book over movie. Did you see the movie? What did you think?

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One For The Money Movie Day


Movie Vs Book Review

Natalie and I are doing our first review on One For The Money.
We both read the book and are going to watch the film, on 1-29-2012.
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