Review: The Trouble With Magic

The Trouble With Magic (A Bewitching Mystery #1)

Author: Madelyn Alt

Genre: Paranormal Chick-Lit Mystery

GoodReads Description:

Antiques-shop clerk Maggie O’Neill was a little weirded out when she discovered her new boss Felicity was a witch. But when Felicity becomes the suspect in a local murder, Maggie must enlist Felicity’s wiccan friends for help–and discover her own spellbinding talent.


This was a fun a different book to read. I really like the character Maggie O’Neill. Basically, one day she finds herself hating to wake up every morning and going to the same drab and boring collections job. She knows there is something better out there for her, she just needs to find it. The book opens up with Maggie’s most terrible and somehow best day by far. Already late to work, she stops by a few shops in a shopping strip in her town of Stony Mill. While window shopping, it suddenly rains the kind of rain you wish you had a storm shelter to hide in kind of rain. Shocked, and soaked, by the rain, she stumbles into Felicity’s shop. Literally, stumbles in, and falls flat on her butt. This is where her pretty terrible day turns into her best day by far. Hating her collections job, Felicity offers her a job right then and there. As if she knew, somehow, that Maggie was in a rut and needed to be let out.

Felicity is up front with Maggie that she is a Wiccan. One of the “good” ones I guess you could say. Maggie was raised a catholic, so, she needs some time to let that sink in. Maggie struggles with this the entire book. I wish there was one point in it all that she would have just accepted this, and if not, moved on from it all together. She was stuck in between what she was taught was right, and what she felt in her heart was right. One of the downsides of this book, and something to often brought up. Needless to say, Maggie sticks around, since there is still an entire book to fill 😉

At her first day on the job, Felicity gets a call from her estranged sister and rushed away to save her. But in doing this, becomes the prime suspect in the same said estranged sisters murder. This is where the book gets juicy. Maggie. although she isn’t a detective and doesn’t know Felicity very well at all, starts investigating the murder and all the while is putting herself in danger. I did like that Maggie, being a 30 something single woman, take charge when it seems all is lost in the case. But in reality, this wouldnt happen. Most likely she would of just had to quit the job and beg for her old collections job back.

I would have to say the the plot development was fast, I easily figured out who the killer was, and it lingered to much on character development, even for the first in the series.  But, the writing was flawless, and the twist and turns where all in the right places. I kept reading despite what i felt about the plot and characters. Not a whole lot of romance and a strange connection between an old lady and what is said to be a handsome younger biker guy. (Its weird and i couldn’t really figure out if it was a mother/son thing or a cougar/boyfriend thing. LOL) I love a good mystery book. And although there are some things I felt needed work it was still GOOD. Hence the 3 star rating. Im going to give book #2 a shot!


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